Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final UT Images

Draft UT Images

Prada's Elevator

Prada's elevator is simple and has a lounge inside. It shields her from the many noises on the outside and lets her relax for those simple few seconds.

Obama's Elevator

This elevator is for Obama and has a royal look to it due to the golden colour. It is simple and classy and fits in with Obama's space being about equality.


When in the meeting place their dining table is really a pool table combined with bar stools. This i feel brings out the fun side in them.

Sketchup Draft Meeting Space

The meeting place is like an inverted lotus. For me a lotus represents wealth and prosperity and also power to float above all else. This is the place where they escape from the papparazi and reporters to be themselves and enjoy themselves.

Sketchup Draft Obama Space

I have created Obama's Office to be in a circular shape to potray what he beleives in which is equaliti. His office is open to potray his fight for freedom. You will be able to see the UT images further up the page.